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We are a small, private clinic that offers individualised 1:1 therapy for each child.

Whether your child is delayed in communication and speaking, play, behaviour,

eating, or toileting, we can offer targeted therapy to help. 


All our therapy is based on play and lots of fun as motivation.  

We work 1:1 with the child and we train the parents, to continue with targets at home.  

We can also offer home programmes and school programmes. 



We have lived the same journey you are facing, with our own children, in the past. 

We have experienced the same concerns, and we have over

20 years of experience with autism, communication, language and behavioural

difficulties in children.  

We have been  parents researching therapy, choosing schools, 

  and navigating the EHCP process. 

 We understand the stress it creates, and how difficult

it can be to navigate. 

At ChildSpeak we look at positive outcomes for the child, and what is best for the family. 


We train parents and we enjoy having them fully involved, in learning to deliver targets.



ChildSpeak has fully equipped rooms for fun and learning.

We love music and play-acting and art and sensory play at ChildSpeak. 

We can help with communication, behaviour,

social skills,

reading, writing,

food-selective children (fussy eaters),

toilet skills and many other challenges.


Don't face it alone, come and visit us. 









We can also refer you to:

Therapists, Advocates, Consultants

and will always do our utmost to help you,

as we understand the process. 

We can offer one-to-one qualified therapy (research-based)

within a fully equipped clinic. 

You can visit our clinic for hourly sessions, as often or as little as you wish. 


Our ethos is to be ethically gentle and to act with kindness. 

Consultants Available In Our Clinic

Kate:  Behaviour Consultant BCBA MSc.

Pre-school ages: 2-7,  attention skills, language, behaviour,

fussy eating, play skills, social skills

Jane:  Speech and Language Therapist (speak2mehants)

Primary School ages: 5-11

Eve:  EYFS Early Years Support KS1

Reception - Yr 2

Kate:  Music to Motivate Communication, Language & Learning

Ages: 2-7 - using music to motivate and learn imitation,

listening skills and attention. 



Positive Behaviour Support

The latest researched method of positively supporting and 

motivating children to learn. 

Targets are all play-based and delivered in a naturalistic fun way. 

Music To Motivate Learning

ALCM / PGDip. Drama

Have fun with music and role play

We use a lot of music and imaginary play/drama.

Social and language targets  embedded into play

(We love music and play acting in our clinic)


Early Years Foundation Stage

An early years UK Curriculum used in schools from age 3 to the end of the Reception year. 

KS1 - Key Stage 1 in Primary School Curriculum

KS2 - Key Stage 2 in Primary School Curriculum

Encouraging Language  - Language Curriculum

1:1 sessions in the clinic, using naturalistic, play-based techniques,

based upon the principles of VBA. 






Autism Clinic



Highly Specialist Communication / Autism Clinic

Are you concerned that your child is not speaking yet? Are you worried about their behaviour, their play, or social skills? 

Ages 2-9 years, with or without a diagnosis. 

Development and communication delays, autism, ADHD. 



Tel: 07930 355641 

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