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Client Feedback

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"We were fortunate enough to find Kate  when our son was 3.5 years old., at a time when  the future looked bleak. 

She gave us hope and a practical way forward to help,  communicate and support our son. 

Through her guidance our son's life and our family life improved across multiple dimensions. 

Working with Kate across  the home and school environment, reaped  huge benefits and, most importantly, has enabled our son to go on and lead a happy, fulfilled life that we could never  have imagined possible.

Mrs DPB (School / Home Programme Feedback)

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"Moving continents with a child with ASD is nerve-wracking. One of the first people I met was Kate. Four years on she has remained our constant friend, philosopher, and guide. 

I couldn't have managed lockdown without her.  My child under her supervision, has come on leaps and bounds. 

We look forward to continuing this relationship with Kate, for many years to come. "

(Mrs. CD - Clinic Feedback)

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"We discovered ChildSpeak services by chance

when I was struggling with my 3-year-old son's speech delay and behaviour.

It transpired he was on the autistic spectrum. 

The skills and techniques Kate has taught us, over a number of months, have been life-changing. 

As parents, we had no idea, of how to parent our autistic son. 

With their help, guidance and knowledge, we learnt how to understand his point of view and how to patiently, lovingly get the best from him. 

I would highly recommend these sessions. 

Our son is thriving in a mainstream school and we know, we can always seek professional advice, as needed."

(Mrs. V.E. - Clinic Feedback)

Autism Clinic

"This has been a game-changer for us. 

We feel we got lucky finding you.

There are noticeable changes weekly.

The sessions are fun and he loves coming. If you don't answer the door fast, he just can't wait to get in". 

(Mrs. E.B. Clinic Feedback)

Autism Clinic

"In my opinion after using Kate for the

past few years, I can definitely recommend it. 

It is just the best teaching I have encountered. Simple, logical and it works. The results for my son are impressive. I has made alot of difference to our family dynamic watching progress each week."

(Mrs. M.L. Clinic Feedback)


"We have known Kate for 5 years now. Without her knowledge, our daughter would stay wild, angry, impatient, and an unfocused little girl. 

She could not say any words. 

Now we are getting there. Every day always forward. 

Thank you Kate!"

(Mrs. A.R. Clinic Feedback)

"I started taking my son to weekly sessions with Kate, at ChildSpeak shortly after his 3rd birthday and his diagnosis of ASD. We felt totally helpless with the lack of support we had received up to that point. 

We were looking for a therapy that could help our son to progress and enable us, to learn how to optimise progress at home. 


Since we started the sessions, we have seen great improvements in his attention, communication, and fine motor skills.


Kate is very knowledgeable and kind and at all times they get the best out of my son.


We are so glad we found her." 

(Mrs. J.K. Surrey - Clinic Feedback)

"My son has been seeing Kate at ChildSpeak for 18 months now, and we have seen a huge improvement in his behaviour, play, and communication skills. 

He loves visiting Kate and looks forward to every session. 

I don't know where we would be without her help. 

(Mrs. C.E. Clinic Feedback)

"Our daughter has multiple issues relating to her autism and a few of them are having fleeting attention and being non-verbal. 

We have been seeing progress that has taken time as expected, but  progress we actually started to think we wouldn't see. 

Our daughter can actually sit down and follow instructions, whereas before, she would never sit down for more than a minute. Now she can sit for 20 to 30 minutes. 

So happy we have found Kate, who has a great range of skill sets, and you can trust she knows what she is doing. 

We look forward to seeing our daughter grow and develop with Kate's help. 

(Mrs. K.  London (Clinic Feedback)

"We started our journey with Kate, with a child who is non-verbal and concentration was a real problem. We were able to get our child to sit for 5 minutes  within a few weeks, and carry out a task that was asked of him. 

We have subsequently, with what we have learned in sessions, been able to potty train our child.  We will continue to use what we have learned going forward. Thank You

Mr and Mrs L (Clinic Feedback)


"When I met Kate for the first time, my son was 3 years old. Completely non-verbal and having difficulties with focus on any activity. 

After a few sessions with Kate, I noticed that my son's behaviour had changed, and he started liking his sessions. He started saying Mama and Papa, and many more words, along with phonics and numbers. 

It's been more than a year now, and he has started three-word sentences. He is more confident and greets people with Hi. 

Kate has not just helped my son,  she also helped me to understand my son's needs and requirements. Her targets every week were simple and easy to  build his understanding of language. 

I  can't thank you enough, for your support towards me and my son."

 (Mrs M. Clinic Feedback)

Autism Clinic



Highly Specialist Communication / Autism Clinic

Are you concerned that your child is not speaking yet? Are you worried about their behaviour, their play, or social skills? 

Ages 2-9 years, with or without a diagnosis. 

Development and communication delays, autism, ADHD. 



Tel: 07930 355641 

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