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Direct therapy with your child in our clinic / at home or at school.   

We can help you, to help your child.

"....the skills and techniques Kate has taught us, over a number of months, have been life-changing..."

(full feedback in testimonials).

(Mrs. V.E. -  Clinic Feedback)


"I can definitely recommend ChildSpeak to anyone. It is just the best teaching  I have ever encountered.

It just works!

Simple, logical, fun, and kind.

The results for my son are very impressive. He was non-verbal and could not interact or play.

He now speaks, reads, and is much happier.

(Mrs. M. -  Surrey - Clinic Feedback)


"Kate is extraordinary. We were very concerned about our little boy when he wasn't speaking at 2 years old and seemed delayed.  

In a very short space of time, she knew exactly how to work with him and has been our child's therapist for a year now. 

She is a constant source of encouragement and support. We honestly would have been lost and so very worried, if he hadn't come to her. 

Our son is doing so well and has made extraordinary progress thanks to Kate.  He still has a journey to go and she will continue to be very much part of this. 

My son adores her and he has improved massively in his behaviour and speech.

Dr. M. B. (Clinic Feedback) 


"My child under her supervision,

has improved in leaps and bounds..."

(full feedback in testimonials)."

(Mrs. CD - Clinic Feedback)


"I first contacted ChildSpeak because I felt I had lost my way with how to help my son.  He was non-verbal, with a very limited understanding of the world. 

I felt unhappy and my son had multiple meltdowns per day.  Kate was able to offer guidance and support and taught us how to communicate in a way that he could understand.  This led to a huge improvement for us both. 

My son has far fewer meltdowns and they have helped me support his learning and he is making fantastic progress. I had so many fears for his future, and now instead, I have hope!! 

(Mrs. G - Hampshire - Clinic Feedback)


Autism Clinic



Highly Specialist Communication / Autism Clinic

Are you concerned that your child is not speaking yet? Are you worried about their behaviour, their play, or social skills? 

Ages 2-9 years, with or without a diagnosis. 

Development and communication delays, autism, ADHD. 



Tel: 07930 355641 

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